Ciao Teacher is our happy space where you will learn Italian stress-free!

We need to have fun with a new language, to feel confident, to understand an inside joke, to go out and speak. We need to take pride in every single step. We need joy!

Our courses

all tailor made

The only thing that never changes is that you will get to speak Italian from day one.
Through games, quizzes, films and songs I will make your lessons active and fun.
The program is never set in stone and it is as flexible as necessary.


Great to start breaking ice or to learn specific communication skills

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one on one

Recommended at higher levels or if you need maximum customization

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In Italy

You can learn on Lake Como, in Turin or in Venice!

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with a movie

Learn Italian
when you want
with this innovative method!

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Don’t know what to choose?

We can talk about it

Who we are

Caterina and the team

We are a group of passionate Italian teachers who like to be playful, to have BBQs and to try new things in life and at work.

Our Ciao Students

What my students say about me

I had such an amazing time! It was like learning combined with holiday which was great. Because I met new people from all around the world (which I’m still friends with) and the activities were also sooo fun I was never bored.

İsis Aydın

French native speaker

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