Caterina Giusto

Italian teacher, foreign languages enthusiast

Ciao! Mi chiamo Cate, I am from Pordenone but I live on Lake Como. I am a qualified Italian language teacher. But first and foremost I am a language lover, and I actually became a teacher to spread the word of how cool it is to learn Italian!

Everyone was born a potential polyglot, and what I do is simply training the Italian speaker that is within you, with a bespoke course where the program is something that we write together lesson by lesson. That’s why I have created Ciao Teacher!: to have a space (virtual, but also in person) where we won’t focus on levels but on your very unique goals and expectations!

To learn a language and never forget it,
you only need three elements:
joy, a community, your active body

Active learning

Sitting and listening to me all the time is just not an option.

If you come to Italy, we may go buy groceries, get a coffee, or walk in the nature to discover Lake Como. Online, you can walk me around your place, show me how you make coffee, and what not!


What really boosts the learning is the memories and the relationships that you create.

Let’s try to make this course something more! Let’s get to know each other, let’s fall in love with Italy and its culture!



Have fun learning, enjoy your new Italian skills!

 If you associate learning with a joyful feeling, you will be prone to go further with it and reach a higher level. But also, languages open our minds and hearts, so they should bring us energy and enthusiasm!

Ciao Teacher! team

Hey, I’m not alone here!

Mara Triboli

DIY and mountain lover.
Favourite destination: far away.

Alessandro Manfredi

A very curious human being. I love sleeping outdoors, under the stars

Where we are

Everywhere, but based in Menaggio 

I live on Lake Como, precisely in Menaggio. I came here in 2012 and was never able to leave these mountains that hug you while you listen to the soft waves of the lake!

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