Parliamo in gruppo

Learn to moderate and be part of a discussion

Online group courses can be based on specific topics, chosen by me or by you.

You will get a chance to talk about topics that you care about: it can be Italian literature, a movie, your path to get citizenship, but also politics, family life and of course grammar, if that’s what you like! We will use zoom and after each meeting I will send you a file with the new vocabulary, some grammar insights and bespoke exercises, so at the end of the lessons you will have your own personalized book to go through if you need to refresh!

During the lesson we will use quizzes, games and challenges that will make us feel like there is no screen between us! 

To join a group, we need to have an individual call first, so I can form the best groups possible. Also let me know if you want to join or to propose a different topic for another course!

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 upper begginers

Let’s read an Italian story together!

course details

STARTS on 11th January

ENDS on 1st March


Let’s read an Italian story together!

course details

STARTS on 28th January

ENDS on 18th March


Parliamo di sostenibilità

Learn to moderate and be part
of a discussion

course details

STARTS on 12th January

ENDS on End of May

Crash course for expats

Learn the basics to cope with a new country!

course details

STARTS on 8th February

ENDS on 8th October


Our courses

all tailor made

The only thing that never changes is that you will get to speak Italian from day one.
Through games, quizzes, films and songs I will make your lessons active and fun.
The program is never set in stone and it is as flexible as necessary.


Great to start breaking ice or to learn specific communication skills

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one on one

Recommended at higher levels or if you need maximum customization

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In Italy

You can learn on Lake Como, in Turin or in Venice!

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with a movie

Learn Italian
when you want
with this innovative method!

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Some free content for you!

Get free resources so you can practice by yourself at any time.