Lessons in Italy

 If you want a full immerse experience, if you want to learn by a cappuccino, order a pizza without pinapple or to go to the mercato and speak Italian.

Come learn Italian here!
You’ll be benvenuto/a!

Learning here isn’t only about visiting a beautiful place but it’s also about adding relationships and emotions to your language learning.

When in Rome, do like the Romans, so do like the Romans on Lake Como! Listen to people speaking Italian, read in Italian, be immersed in Italian!

The school is based in the informal premises of Peace Lodge, in Menaggio, thanks to a partnership with Lake Como School, and one of us will be your teacher.

From Menaggio you can easily reach Milano, Como, Lago Maggiore or Switzerland for a day trip! Even if you just stay here, there are so many historical villas, so much sailing, hiking and climbing to do that you will never want to leave.

Trust me, I came here in 2012 and here I am still!

Your course can be individual or in a group; either way, we value active learning, so we will go walking in town, explore the area and cook typical Italian dishes: you will feel like you were born here!

If you need accommodation, you can stay at the Peace Lodge or the local hostel and get a discount on group courses. For an apartment or a room at a local’s place, contact me!


Our courses

all tailor made

The only thing that never changes is that you will get to speak Italian from day one.
Through games, quizzes, films and songs I will make your lessons active and fun.
The program is never set in stone and it is as flexible as necessary.


Great to start breaking ice or to learn specific communication skills

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one on one

Recommended at higher levels or if you need maximum customization

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In Italy

You can learn on Lake Como, in Turin or in Venice!

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with a movie

Learn Italian
when you want
with this innovative method!

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Some free content for you!

Get free resources so you can practice by yourself at any time.