Individual course – 10*1h intensive



It’s for you if:

  • you need a regular appointement
  • you want high customization
  • you need to kickstart your speaking competence
  • you are tired after work or school and need a short lesson
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We will have weekly appointment or a more intensive schedule. As regarding the programme, it is highly customizable and flexible. We will focus on getting you to speak confidently about whatever you normally talk about, and we will slowly build grammar competence alongside.

I will give you some customized homework and a recap file of the lesson, so you can review our lesson and practice, but you don't need to do anything inbetween lessons if you don't have the time or the energy.

For a more intense learning, you can check the weekly lessons package or the 1,5h lesson packages (weekly lessons or flexible schedule)

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once or more a week


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